Does being overweight have any effect on infertility or on IVF success rate?
Many studies show that being overweight adversely affects a woman’s fertility potential and increase the likelihood of early pregnancy loss and obstetrical complications. Many obese women have irregular or absent menstrual cycles. For many of these individuals, weight reduction alone will restore their normal ovulation and menstrual cycles and enhance their fertility potential.
Is there age or other restriction on who should do IVF?
Age restriction for IVF varies from clinic to clinic. In general, women older than age 40 have a markedly lower chance for a live birth compared with women younger than 40 years old. Age is probably the most important factor influencing the outcome of an IVF cycle. Many clinics will not treat patients older than age 42, and some malpractice carriers dictate that physicians not perform IVF on patients more than 43 years old with their own eggs because of the poor IVF delivery rates to advancing age.
Are the children born after IVF normal?
Studies suggest a background risk of birth defects in naturally conceived children of approximately 4% to 5%. The vast majority of studies suggest no increased risk of anomalies in children conceived after IVF.
How do I choose a fertility clinic?
Things to consider :
• Statistics, statistics, statistics: You want a baby, so choose a fertility clinic with good success rates. However, a wise man once said: “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” When considering a clinic, it is important to know what your specific chances for success will be within that clinic. If there is one yardstick to compare clinics, then that is the pregnancy rate using donor eggs. In this patient population, the pregnancy rate should be very high. A low donor egg pregnancy rate may be concerning.
• Experience: Experience of the clinic, in our opinion, may be one of the most important factors when deciding which doctor and which clinic to seek for fertility care. One should ask how long the doctors have been performing various treatment procedures.
  • Availability and accessibility of doctors: It is important that you have access to your doctor in order to have your questions answered and needs to be addressed. Evaluate whether or not the availability and accessibility of the doctor is an easy process or a difficult one when making decisions as to where to seek care.
• Cost: It is always important to get the total cost.